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Webinar Description

More companies are working to include recurring revenue models within their existing product suite and no matter the industry, they’re faced with a similar challenge. How can they support the unique end-to-end processes for one-time transactional products, professional services, and recurring revenue/subscription products within the same unified platform? The need to choose a solution that allows for optimal scalability and automation is crucial.

During the webinar, we highlight how to incorporate disparate end-to-end processes seamlessly using Salesforce CPQ and feature a live demonstration and Q&A including:

  • Product bundling, constraints/dependencies, validations, and potential upsells
  • Varying end-to-end product lifecycles, such as one-time, subscriptions, and services
  • Automating changes to contracts and renewals
  • Multi-year deals
    • Collecting subscription KPIs
    • Year over year discounts/uplifts

From bridging the gap between pre-sales and post-sales to streamlining even the most complex sales and quoting scenarios, join us to learn how top organizations solve their toughest business challenges with Salesforce CPQ.

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