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Use Assignment Rules for Leads or Cases Anytime – Leveraging Flow

One of the drawbacks for standard Case or Lead Assignment rules is that they can only be used when a new record is created. There are a lot of times when you’d love to push that Lead or Case back into the assignment rules based on new values. With Leads, this is really common based on Lead Score / Lead Criteria values changes. Maybe you have a Lead in salesforce that you are just nurturing with campaigns until it reaches a score threshold. Suddenly that Lead acts, becomes a higher score, but you need to get it into the assignment rules, and that’s when you realize you’re a little stuck.

To get around this and any other scenario like this, we put together a simple Package to help. The package includes a plugin that takes in a record id as a parameter and pushes that record id through the standard assignment rules.

Install the Package – The package is available to be installed from the apps exchange at


Locate the Plugin – Once installed, log into the Flow Designer and locate the Standard Assignment Rules plugin (under GearsCRM Plugins section).

Plugin visible in Flow

Plugin visible in Flow


Incorporate the Plugin – Incorporate the plugin within your existing flow by dragging the step into the flow as required.

Add Step to Flow

Add Step to Flow

Set the Inbound Variables – The plug in requires the id of the record being processed.

Inbound Parameters

Inbound Parameters


Set the Outbound Variables – The plug in returns two variables; a boolean indicating if the plugin was successful and an error message in the case of a failure.

Outbound Parameters

Outbound Parameters

That’s all there is to it!

This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for the post and the package!
    Assignment itself is working fine. However email alerts are not firing.
    Is there any workaround for this? I thought of using Email Alerts in WFR/Process Builder but there is no option to send it to the Queue…

  2. Googled a problem I was having this morning and the first thing that came up is GearsCRM. Thanks for saving me on this one, Sean, Harry & team!

  3. Hi! Do you have new screenshots for the updated version of Salesforce Flow Builder? I’ve installed the package in our Sandbox but when looking at the flow builder I do not see a place to access plugins. (In the Flow Builder under the elements section I see Logic –> Assignment. On this screen I see the Set Variables section but don’t see anything regarding plugins. Can you help me find to add the GearsCRM Run Assignment Rules plugin?

    thank you!

    1. We recently updated the User Guide on the AppExchange listing to walk through how you’d set this up with the Salesforce Flow Builder. If you run into any issues with that, please feel free to reach out to and we’ll help you from there. Thanks!

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