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Ultimate List of Salesforce Product Name Changes [Updated]

If you’ve been in the CRM space long enough, you know that Salesforce has been known to rename products, which can cause some confusion. What’s in a name? I’m having flashbacks to high school English class and Romeo & Juliet…ok, really I’m just thinking about Leonardo DiCaprio, who just keeps getting better with age. But, I digress.

[Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2021, but we’ve updated the list to reflect product name changes from the recent Release Notes and company announcements.]

If you’re having trouble keeping track of all the product rebranding, then you’ve come to the right place! We’re rounding up all of the name changes, and we’ll aim to keep this post up-to-date to reflect any future Salesforce product rebranding. Did we miss anything big? Let us know in the comments!

Commerce Cloud

  • Demandware becomes B2C Commerce (2016)
  • CloudCraze became B2B Commerce (2018)

Experience Cloud (Formerly Community Cloud)

  • Community Cloud is now known as Experience Cloud (Winter ’21 Release)
    • The Community itself is now known as simply a Site. This goes for whether it is a public community or an authenticated one. They are now all Sites and they can be public or authenticated.
    • The Lightning Builder is now known as the Experience Builder
    • The Lightning community template is now known as the Experience Builder template
    • Lightning community theme is now known as the Experience Builder theme
    • Lightning community page is now known as the Experience Builder page
    • Finally, if you’re still on the old Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce community format, this is just called a Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce site now
    • Community Workspaces are just Workspaces
    • My Communities are now My Experiences
  • The original Build Your Own Template is now called Build Your Own (Aura) (Winter ’22 Release)
  • The Salesforce CMS App has been renamed Digital Experiences App (Spring ’22 Release)

Integration Cloud

  • MuleSoft (acquired in 2018) still exists as a standalone product, but is a core part of Integration Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Salesforce went on an acquisition spree in the early 2010s and packaged up a number of different products into the Marketing Cloud. In April of 2022, Salesforce announced new names for Marketing Cloud capabilities.

  • Radian6 (acquired in 2011)
  • Buddy Media (acquired in 2012)
  • ExactTarget – really became the core of Marketing Cloud as we know it today (acquired in 2013)
  • Salesforce CDP is now Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform (2022)
  • Interaction Studio is now Marketing Cloud Personalization (2022)
  • Pardot is now Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (2022)
  • Advertising Studio is now Marketing Cloud Advertising
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement is made up of Marketing Cloud’s email, mobile, messaging, and journey products
  • Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence (2022)
    • Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud is now Intelligence Reports for Engagement

Revenue Cloud

This one isn’t technically a rebrand but as of November 2020, Salesforce is positioning a collection of products as a solution to speed up your quote-to-cash lifecycle and grow your revenue. The Products include Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, CPQ for Experience Cloud and CPQ & B2B Commerce Connector

  • Salesforce CPQ (formerly SteelBrick)
  • Salesforce Billing
  • CPQ for Experience Cloud
  • CPQ & B2B Commerce Connector

Service Cloud

  • Field Service Lightning is now known as Salesforce Field Service (Winter 21) [Editor’s Note: RIP to the FSL acronym]
  • Digital Engagement = Chat + Messaging + Bots (2019)
    • Live Agent is now Chat
    • LiveMessage (formerly Heywire) is now Messaging

Sales Cloud

  • SteelBrick became Salesforce CPQ (acquired in 2015)
  • Lightning Dialer is now Sales Dialer (Spring ’21 Release)
  • High Velocity Sales was renamed Sales Engagement (Spring ’22 Release)
  • Pardot was renamed Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (2022) [Editor’s Note: Pardot has bounced between clouds for a while now but was part of Sales Cloud at one time, so we noted it here]

Miscellaneous Salesforce Products

  • Sendia (acquired in 2006) became AppExchange Mobile which then became Salesforce Mobile [Editor’s note: We’re tracking down whether this became Salesforce1, or if it remains Salesforce mobile]
  • Koral became what we know as Salesforce Content (acquired in 2007)
  • Informavores (Acquired in 2009) became Visual Workflow which then became Process Builder (formerly Lightning Process Builder)
  • Rypple becomes (2011)
  • MapAnything (acquired in 2019) became Salesforce Maps
  • Vlocity is now Salesforce Industries
  • SalesforceIQ (formerly RelateIQ)  became Salesforce Inbox
  • Quip is now part of Salesforce Anywhere (October 2020)
  • Identity for Customers & Partners was renamed to Customer 360 Identity (Spring ’21 Release)
  • Lightning Flow became Salesforce Flow, which spans Process Builder (formerly Lightning Process Builder) & Flow Builder (formerly Lightning Flow Builder) (Spring ’21 Release)
  • The legacy product was rebranded WDC on May 1, 2020
    • Not to be confused with the solution in response to COVID-19, Return to the Workplace with
  • The Einstein Relationship Insights app in the App Manager is now named Einstein Relationship Insights Canvas App. (Winter ’22 Release)
  • Sustainability Cloud is now called Net Zero Cloud (Spring ’22 Release)
  • For Admins managing your Salesforce subscription, Salesforce Checkout is being replaced with “Your Account App” (Spring ’22 Release)
  • MyTrailhead was formally rolled into Sales Enablement (Spring ’22 Release)
  • Salesforce legally changed its name from to Salesforce, Inc. [Editor’s note: Adios SFDC!]
  • Einstein Analytics (formerly Wave) became Tableau CRM (October 2020) which was renamed CRM Analytics in April 2022

Retired Products

  • was retired in 2014
  • Jigsaw became (2010) which was then retired in 2019
  • will be retired as of March 2020
  • Files Connect for SharePoint On-Premises and Secure Agent will be retired on October 1, 2021
  • For anyone still using Pardot’s legacy Drip Program, this feature is retiring with the Summer ’22 Release
  • The Pardot Classic App will retire from all orgs in October 2022
  • Legacy features WDC Goals, Coaching, Feedback, Performance, and Rewards will retire when the Spring ’22 Release goes live
  • Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio was retired in April 2022
  • Pardot’s legacy Drip Programs were officially retired in Summer ’22 Release
Salesforce products that have been renamed
The Ultimate List of Salesforce Product Name Changes



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    1. Hi Kyle, thanks for the comment! While I’m not personally familiar with the Financial Services cloud, my understanding is that it layers on top of Sales Cloud to add additional functionality. I’ll do some additional research and update this post soon!

  1. And don’t forget Sforce, Multiforce, and AppExchange. Before AppExchange exclusively became the Salesforce app store, they also used the name to describe the platform.

    And Salesforce bought Sendia which became AppExchange Mobile which became (I think) Salesforce Mobile which kinda became Salesforce1 and we’re now back to Salesforce Mobile. (Someone please check me on that)

    1. Thanks, Chris, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      I’ve updated the post with the Sendia acquisition, and I’m tracking down confirmation on the Sforce/Multiforce/AppExchange piece before updating.

  2. Jaclyn,

    Thanks for putting together this list and sharing. Very insightful and helpful. Can you add industries cloud like Financial Services Cloud (FSC) and others to this list?

    Thanks once again

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