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Melissa VanDyke is Director of Customer Success Solutions at GearsCRM. Her passion for helping Salesforce customers realize a return on their investment lead her to become a change agent within every customer organization she worked at over the years. Melissa is a former Salesforce MVP and a 4-time presenter at Dreamforce.

Starting her professional career by being at the right place at the right time, she was thrown into the fire and challenged with figuring out how to make a new CRM successful at her company over 15 years ago. At last she had found her calling! From that experience, she moved from one Salesforce customer to another helping them roll out CRM internally, including running a team of Salesforce professionals at Orbitz Worldwide. In 2015 Melissa decided she wanted to join GearsCRM to help customers on a much larger scale, instead of one at a time!

At GearsCRM she uses her extensive experience with process improvement, project and change management and corporate business operations combined with her Salesforce technical skills to help customers get the results they are looking for with Salesforce. She knows that change, not technology, is typically the hurdle. So she spends time understanding how her customers approach strategies for change and adoption and ensures Gears’ offerings are aligned to help them be successful.

Melissa loves spending free time with her nieces and nephew, playing board games with friends and family, and reading books about how the brain works!

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