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As the Vice President of Solutions, Lauren Papa is responsible for leading a team of highly skilled Solution Architects who align Salesforce’s cutting edge technology with our customer’s business needs. In this role, Lauren engages with our customers to establish a strategic Salesforce roadmap and guides the team toward execution against their long and short term visions. Throughout an engagement, Lauren works with each of our customers to ensure they feel as though they’ve entered into a true partnership and not a vendor-purchaser relationship. It is as a trusted advisor that Lauren can employ her executive vision, operational pragmatism, and creative perspective to create a winning solution.

Getting her first taste of Salesforce in 2003, Lauren has over 13 years’ experience managing and implementing Salesforce and other Enterprise Applications. Formerly with Endeca Technologies and athenahealth, Lauren’s foundation is within the business as a trusted partner on successful operations teams. Working alongside World Wide Marketing, Sales, Services, and Support teams has provided Lauren with an arsenal of relatable business experiences from which she can pull. Since joining Gears in 2011, Lauren has been exposed to a vast array of industries, companies, processes, technology ecosystems, and custom salesforce configurations. With this experience and her knack for whiteboarding, there are few business challenges that stand a chance against her solutions!

When not looking to be a solution to someone’s problem, Lauren enjoys spending time outside with her husband, two little boys, and their dog. They can often be found (or not?) wearing camouflage and trudging through the woods enjoying nature, hunting for mushrooms around their neighborhood, or tending to their garden. Formerly an avid wine drinker, Lauren has succumbed to the cult of craft beer lovers and is currently on an IPA kick.

Family, beer, and Salesforce – now that’s a winning solution!

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