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As Director of Finance, Kristina is responsible for managing internal controls related to Gears’ corporate finances. Kristina oversees and prepares all financial reporting in addition to analyzing financial data and developing plans for financial growth. A master of balance sheets, Kristina streamlines accounting and operations functions while managing all budgeting and forecasting for the company.

Kristina brings more than 20 years of experience as a proven leader in accounting and operations. From multi-unit restaurant chains to commercial real estate, Kristina’s breadth of experience spans a wide range of industries. Kristina is passionate about her job and enjoys the opportunity to effectively evaluate and manage risk for a company while overseeing financial operations.

When she’s not buried in a spreadsheet Kristina loves to be outside enjoying the Florida sun, especially taking long walks to the beach. You’ll find her firmly on land, though, as sharks and jellyfish keep her out of the water. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, tennis, deep-sea fishing, and enjoying a good meal with friends.

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