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Chatbots are quickly becoming an important tool in the customer support arsenal, used by savvy companies to improve customer satisfaction and increase case deflection for their customer service teams.

Customers don’t want to feel like they’re wasting their time, so we design a natural Einstein Bot interaction geared towards customer satisfaction. Our methodology employs a two tiered approach that builds a solid foundation with constant iteration so your chatbot is always evolving.

Chatbot Methodology

Data Mining

  • Mine historical chat data to develop an interaction-based dialogue
  • Use this data to train the Einstein Bot and to create intent modeling
  • Overlay with Artificial Intelligence (AI) natural language processing, creating bot interactions that feel like a human agent

Continuous Improvement

  • Once the bot is in production, monitor ongoing interactions of the live data model
  • Iterative chat dialogue improvement based upon additional customer and bot interactions

A good bot constantly evolves based on customer feedback, current lexicon and new advances in AI. The GearsCRM team remains engaged throughout, working with you and your Chatbot to provide guidance and best practices.

As one of the first Salesforce Partners to specialize in the Service Cloud, we have years of proven success working with customer support organizations. We’ve leveraged that expertise to build a natural, agentless experience that improves customer satisfaction – while ensuring that an agent is just a word away.

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