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Lightning Community Migration Assessment

Lighting Experience (LEX) is not just for your internal Salesforce instance. Salesforce Sites (formerly Communities) built with Lightning offer an enhanced user interface and additional features for your customer, partner, and employee community members.

Lightning Sites are powered by Lightning components and leverage powerful out-of-the-box templates. They allow you to build your communities declaratively – without code – in addition to featuring more options for styling and branding as well as improved overall responsiveness.

With each release, Salesforce rolls out new and improved Lightning functionality for Experience Cloud, giving organizations even more reason to leverage Salesforce for all their community needs.

With our complimentary Lightning Migration Assessment, GearsCRM will review your existing Salesforce Site and current processes to determine which areas (if any) will need to be modified for the Lightning Experience.

Let our expert team guide you through the decision-making process and help determine if making the switch to Lightning is the right move for your organization. With our extensive experience delivering Lightning solutions, we can help make your Lightning roll-out a success, both for your organization and your partner, customer, and employee stakeholders.

The assessment will include:
  • Up to 5-hour Consultation with an Experience Cloud Expert to review and identify the key features that will be most impactful on your existing processes
  • Identification of custom build that can be replaced with out-of-the-box Lightning Functionality
  • Inventory of custom Visualforce development and a high-level migration plan to the Lightning Framework
  • Discussion of strategy for gaining executive buy-in, and best practices for change management, measuring results, and driving adoption
Get Lightning Ready

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