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B2B Commerce Cloud

Digital Transformation has had a major impact on eCommerce and has created unique challenges for B2B commerce companies. Today’s buyers are more tech-savvy than ever and are not only comfortable with a digital purchase – they prefer it.

Legacy systems can’t keep up with the increasingly demanding expectations of B2B buyers and are falling behind in core areas such as shopping carts, personalization and product catalogs. With many businesses looking for new revenue streams and lower cost models, overhauling their system with a traditional eCommerce implementation is both cost prohibitive and time-consuming.

Commerce Cloud is a comprehensive commerce solution that provides exceptional experiences for B2B buyers in a SaaS model. This enables businesses to stand up an online storefront in weeks, not months, and their investment in their existing Salesforce foundation.

The Salesforce Advantage

As part of the Salesforce platform, Commerce Cloud creates a 360-degree view of your customers and allows you to deliver a true omni-channel experience for your buyers. With built-in, industry-leading B2B commerce functionality, Commerce Cloud increases your return on investment while keeping your customers at the core of your focus. As part of the Salesforce ecosystem, it integrates seamlessly with the core Salesforce clouds resulting in a true shared and scalable data model.

B2B Commerce Services
  • Catalog Management
  • Digital Storefronts & Marketplaces
  • Distribution Channels
  • Complex Pricing Structures and Strategies
  • Subscription Revenue
  • Shopping Cart, Order, and Invoice Management
  • Merchandising
  • SEO
  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency
  • Integrations with Inventory, Order, and Invoicing or Payment Systems
  • Account and Data Management strategies
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