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In a world where data is growing exponentially, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to identify trends and gain the critical insight to make better decisions. With Salesforce Einstein Analytics, users can dynamically interact with their data directly from Salesforce without relying on IT teams or external BI tools.

Make Decisions Based on Data and Performance

Like most implementations, it is crucial to set up Einstein Analytics for success. Behind the Dashboards that are being generated are Datasets that need to be thoughtfully developed to ensure the highest level of flexibility and scalability. GearsCRM will assist in setting up Einstein Analytics, guiding you through the process of building these Datasets and help build your first set of interactive dashboards.

GearsCRM is an Analytics Cloud partner with Black Belt certified consultants. We’ve had years of experience helping clients realize their business needs around BI, reporting and dashboard solutions.

Our Einstein Analytics Services Include:
  • Implementing Einstein Analytics
    • Including creating Dashboards and Datasets
  • Set-up, customization and training for Einstein Analytics Apps such as:
    • Service Analytics
    • Sales Analytics
    • B2B Marketing Analytics
    • Field Service Analytics
  • Extending Einstein Analytics to include data from external sources
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