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Salesforce Spring 21 Features – Pardot

Spring 21
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Our latest release roundup series for the Spring ‘21 release breaks down some of the highlights that Pardot admins have to look forward to in the forthcoming Pardot Spring ‘21 Release. To check out the full list of enhancements coming to your Pardot org come February 15, 2021, check out the comprehensive Pardot Release Notes here.

Pardot User Authentication Retirement

Hopefully, this isn’t the first you’re hearing about the upcoming change to Pardot user authentication that has been teased for what seems like forever, but just in case you have been living under a rock – here’s what you need to know about the official end of Pardot-only users.

Starting on Feb 15, ALL Pardot users must access Pardot via Salesforce SSO, meaning if you have integrations or users who are logging into Pardot user account that isn’t synced to a Salesforce user, you have some steps you’ll want to follow ASAP to make sure they don’t lose the ability to access Pardot come deadline day! The good news is, in consideration of this big-time change, Salesforce/Pardot has made 100 Salesforce Identity Licenses available in Salesforce orgs at no cost which can be assigned to users who perhaps don’t already have a Salesforce user seat. Now, on to those urgent user migration steps to be followed ASAP – Pardot User Migration Admin Guide.

Okay, now with that beast of a change out of the way, let’s move on to more exciting, less doomsday enhancements and features Pardot users have to look forward to (listed in no particular order).

Pardot Account Setup Improvements

For those of us who’ve been around the Pardot ecosystem for a while, it’s been exciting (and a bit of adjustment) to see the gradual improvements that have been made to the Pardot Account setup process in these last few releases and the Spring ‘21 Pardot release is no different! With this new release, you will now find the Pardot Account Setup in the new dedicated Marketing Setup menu. 

Sync Leads and Contacts Across Business Units Without Need for Duplicate Records

By disabling a new Pardot connector setting, Pardot customers using Business Units will be able to configure marketing data sharing rules to allow Lead and Contact records to sync with more than one Pardot Business Unit thus eliminating the need for duplicate records in Salesforce **collective exhale from admins everywhere**

While perhaps not a hugely exciting thing for Pardot users working in a single-BU Pardot account, for those on Pardot Advanced or Premium Edition with more than one Business Unit, this could be a game-changer!

First Party Visitor Tracking

Prior to now, most marketing automation platforms, including Pardot, used third-party tracking to track visitors. Now, with first-party tracking generally available in the Spring ‘21 release, visitor tracking will be domain-based rather than campaign-based and Pardot users will benefit from improved protection against lost prospect tracking data and keep up with the collective shift away from third-party tracking already put in motion by most internet browsers.

Moving forward, all new Pardot accounts will have first party tracking enabled by default, but for those OG Pardot users out there with a Pardot account provisioned before Spring ‘21, first party tracking will need to be enabled in your Pardot settings and Pardot tracker domains updated according to the instructions and considerations outlined by Salesforce here.

Additional Reply-To & Email Sender Options and Link-specific Completion Actions for Lightning 

While it’s hard to top the [long overdue] redesign of the Pardot email editor that came with last fall’s Winter ‘21 release, there are a few minor email-related Spring ‘21 enhancements worth mentioning. For those already using the new-and-improved lightning email experience, the new release offers additional email sender options such as the ability to identify additional reply-to email addresses (up to 5) as well as link-specific email completion actions. If you’re thinking that these features sound strangely familiar, you’re not wrong – these two email enhancements are features already available in the legacy email builder that, for some early adopters, were glaringly missing in the new-and-improved lightning email experience (until now!)

New Email Content Performance Custom Report Type

Now that Pardot assets sync over to Salesforce as actual object records rather than read-only data, the ability for Pardot users to pull and customize performance reporting has improved tenfold. Adding to the list of recommended custom report types bundled into Pardot’s somewhat-recently released Engagement History functionality, in the Pardot Spring ‘21 release users will be able to create another new custom report type using the Pardot ‘email content’ object in order to show engagement metrics by email content record. 

With lots of fun and promising things coming and no signs of slowing down, it’s definitely a good time to be a Pardot customer! We have one more Spring ’21 release recap coming that breaks down all the Community Experience Cloud features, so keep an eye out for that final post!

Andrea Frazier

Andrea is a 5x certified Salesforce Senior Consultant & Pardot Specialist at GearsCRM. Passionate about helping Sales and Marketing teams achieve greater efficiency, Andrea helps Salesforce-driven companies implement Sales Cloud and Pardot to better automate processes and engage their prospective audiences to maximize their use of Salesforce.

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