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Salesforce Omni-Channel Webinar


With the release of Omni-Channel and Presence, Salesforce has completely changed how Cases and Work can be distributed to your teams. There’s no longer the need to just drop Cases into a Queue and hope the right team members grab them on time without cherry picking around the really hard ones. Now, with Omni-Channel, you can push work directly to your agents based on priority and skill – regardless of how that work is coming in. This is a huge opportunity to optimize different functions within your company and streamline the productivity of your agents. In addition, some great new features have come out in Winter 17 that allow you to have real-time visibility into the work distribution.

At Gears, we’re so excited about these amazing new features, that we recently did a webinar to show them off. In the hour long session, we covered:

  • An introduction to the Omni-Channel concept
  • A live demonstration of three different use cases for Omni-channel
  • Walk-through of the Omni-Channel & Presence administration setup
  • Q&A

Optimize Case & Work Distribution with Omni-Channel from GearsCRM on Vimeo.

If you’re a Service Cloud customer or leveraging Salesforce to distribute work to your users, Omni-Channel is a feature you need to consider. If you have any questions on these features, or would like to learn more of how they can help you optimize your Call Center productivity, please reach out and one of our Solution Architects will reach out to you shortly.

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