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Messaging as a Customer Service Channel with Salesforce LiveMessage – Webinar

Featuring the VP of Messaging, Salesforce Service Cloud (Former CEO of Heywire), Meredith Flynn-Ripley


message_icons_trans Messaging has quickly become one of the hottest new channels for Customer Service. With the explosion of smart phones and texting in general, your customers are looking to get answers using Messaging – a channel they are already using on a regular basis.

  • Increasingly, your customers don’t want to have to call to get the answers they are looking for – up to 64% prefer messaging over a live call!
  • Email as a channel is easy, but it also consistently scores as the lowest customer satisfaction rating when compared to other channels.
  • Studies show messaging has a lower cost per interaction than other channels and also has incredible response metrics – up to 8X the response rate of email and a 98% read rate of your messages.

With Salesforce’s recent acquisition of HeyWire and the roll-out of LiveMessage, messaging is now part of the Service Cloud Omni-Channel functionality. This is a terrific new feature that not only supports classic SMS messaging but also messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

As you know, at Gears, we love all new Service Cloud features and LiveMessage is no exception. For our Lunch and Learn webinar, we were joined by the founder of Heywire, Meredith Flynn-Ripley, and we showcased LiveMessage and highlight its ability to automate your Customer Service processes and offer a high customer satisfaction channel to your customers.

During this webinar, we covered the following:

  • Overview of LiveMessage and how it fits into Omni-Channel
  • LiveMessage use case as a live support channel
  • LiveMessage use cases for automation and how you can build agent-less experiences for your customers
  • Review of the setup and how LiveMessage is configured
  • Q&A

In addition we received a bunch of questions during the Q&A portion of the webinar. We have added a post with the answers to those questions here.

Harry is the CEO and founder of GearsCRM, with more than 18 years of experience working with the Salesforce platform. Outside of Gears, Harry enjoys debating Star Wars and Marvel with his son and sharing music and videos with his daughter. He is an avid racquetball player, bleeds Dodger blue, cries Jets green and always tries to find spare time to read a good fiction novel.

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