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Lightning Communities: Why Migrate

Community Lightning Experience (LEX) was rolled out two years ago and was touted not only as an improved customer & partner UI, but also as a way to build communities declaratively with more style and overall responsiveness (mobile first!).  While the initial rollout did have some gaps, over the last 2 years, Salesforce has made significant progress in closing those gaps and improving the overall Lighting Community offerings.  If you haven’t migrated to Lightning Communities, the time is now!

Why now?  Well, because you are missing out on some pretty awesome new features with every release!  In addition:

  1. Lightning Communities give YOU the control!
    • The new Community builder is easy to use. It is drag-and-drop, allows for greater flexibility, and many more design options than Tabs & Visualforce.
    • Speaking of Visualforce, Lightning Communities rely a lot less on custom development! These communities allow for so much more customization without the need to call in those development skills.
    • Quicker initial rollouts and quicker/easier ongoing updates mean less initial and overall maintenance costs.
  2. Meet specific user needs!
    • Have a customer Community you want to use for deflection? Take advantage of the out-of-the-box options for the sleek and easy-to-use knowledge article search and suggestions.  Leverage next best actions or Einstein Bots to allow customers to help themselves before they even get to you.
    • Have a partner Community you want to use for overall partner enablement? Take advantage of Lead Inbox and Onboarding features to get your partners geared up and selling for you!
    • Mobile FIRST! All communities built on the Lightning Framework are built to respond to device and screen size.  No more viewing that tiny tabbed desktop layout on your mobile phone again!
  3. …that ROADMAP though!
    • While Salesforce has already made significant strides in making communities extremely robust and customizable declaratively, there is a continued focus on their roadmap for exciting new features.
    • With Spring ’19, Salesforce showed that it continues to invest time in its new CMS functionality within Communities. Community CMS has been upgraded to “Salesforce CMS” and has transitioned from a CMS that’s only available from the Community Builder and Content into an App accessible from your internal Salesforce instance. You can now build Content Workspaces and manage them all centrally (rather than bouncing from community to community to manage content). You can add specific internal users to workspaces to manage content, and you can also manage which permissions they have (author, publish, contribute). With this new functionality, you can invite others within your org to assist with content without giving them the “keys to the Community Castle”!

So, what’s next?

Thinking about migrating to Lightning but don’t know where to start?  Let us help!  We are offering complimentary Community Lightning Migration Assessments to help kickstart your migration plan!

Community Lightning Migration Assessment

Salesforce has been making significant enhancements to Lightning Communities in each of the recent releases and has continually introduced new features that aren’t available to organizations still using Visualforce & Tabs.  When considering a Community migration, it is important to understand the benefits, features and key considerations of Lightning, as well as to build a strategic roll-out plan for your organization.

With our free Community Lightning Migration Assessment, GearsCRM will review your existing Community and current processes to determine which areas (if any) will need to be modified for the Lightning Experience.

The assessment will include:

  • 5-hour Consultation with a Community Expert to review and identify the key features that will be most impactful on your existing processes
  • Identifying custom build that can be replaced with out-of-the-box Lightning Functionality
  • Identifying custom Visualforce development and a migration plan to the Lightning Framework
  • Discussion of strategy for gaining executive buy-in, and best practices for change management, measuring results, and driving adoption

Let our expert Community team guide you through the decision making process and help determine if making the switch to Lightning Communities is the right move for your organization. With our extensive experience delivering Lightning Communities, we can help make your Lightning roll-out a success, both for your organization and your partners and/or customers.

Contact us to schedule a call to discuss moving to Lightning!

Jill Penfield

Jill Penfield

Jill is a 4x certified Solutions Architect & Community Specialist at GearsCRM. She is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals in new implementations and ongoing enhancements. Jill is knowledgeable in all the Salesforce clouds and loves finding the perfect solutions to fit her customers' internal processes, as well as meet the needs of their external audiences (Communities!). She has been working with Salesforce for 10+ years.

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