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Life at Gears – Nahuel Bergamo, Senior Developer

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a consultant? Or what it’s like to work from home every day in a fully virtual company? Wonder no more – the “Life at Gears” series features our employees talking about a typical day-in-the-life at Gears, explaining their roles and showing off their home office spaces.

We have an amazing team at Gears, and what better way to showcase these individuals, and the variety of roles at Gears, than to let our employees share their stories themselves? This month Nahuel Bergamo, Senior Developer, talks about his daily life at Gears. We are currently hiring for multiple positions, including the Senior Developer role, so read on to learn more!

Nahuel Bergamo, Senior Developer

What is your role at Gears?
As a Senior Developer, my main objective is to work closely with our Senior Consultants in helping clients achieve their needs and solve any issues they might have. With that as my ultimate objective, my responsibilities include many tasks like scoping and estimating work, developing and maintaining solutions. It is our responsibility as well to ensure that these solutions are built to scale as our clients’ businesses grow, which is quite interesting from a technology standpoint.

What does a typical day look like for you?
I usually start the day with a cup of developer-grade coffee (which is black), walk into our home office, and greet my girlfriend who is usually already working (she’s a very early bird). I put on some music, plan out the tasks for the day, and start getting things done.  If I need to refresh/reset my mind after some intensive task, sometimes I will go take a small walk or meditate for a bit.

Nahuel and his early-bird girlfriend at the happiest place on earth

What’s been your most interesting project so far?
Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working on a highly reusable piece of code that is almost entirely managed via config, meaning admins can adapt it without the need for code modification. I love these types of solutions since they usually involve some challenges, but the outcome is a huge time-saver for everyone down the line.  To be honest, there are a lot of interesting projects.  I would dare to say that all of them are interesting in one way or another. Even seemingly smaller projects can prove quite interesting when you try to think about all the variables that might come into place and consider the client’s business needs in conjunction with the technical aspect.

How has Gears helped you in your career development?
In the time I have been working at Gears, I have learned so much that it’s hard to quantify it. Gears has a highly senior team, and everyone has a common baseline knowledge and impressive expertise in their particular area. But it’s not just technical know-how; communication is critical in a fully remote team, and Gears really nails it. Chat/messaging is always purposeful, and as soon as chat is proving to be not enough, we schedule a call, share a screen and go through things together. It’s a highly adaptive dynamic that works wonders to solve the wide range of challenges that we face.

Nahuel’s office mate providing oversight

What’s your favorite thing about working for Gears?
Judging from the previous answers you can probably tell I like many things about being here. But something I didn’t mention so far has been the human quality. Everyone is incredibly helpful and caring, not only within the company but within their communities. We share experiences and stories of helping out where we can and it’s really heartwarming. Fostering a culture of helping others is something special to witness and to be a part of.

When you’re not on-the-clock, how do you spend your time?
My regular hobbies revolve mostly around video-games. When taking time off the screen, I like to meditate, sit in the yard and look at the scenery sipping on a coffee or tea. I also enjoy taking time to clean up, declutter and optimize our home without thinking about anything else. It’s a very relaxing activity and the result is always very pleasant.

If you were trapped on a deserted island, what one thing would you want to bring with you?
Probably the most useful thing to have would be a solar-powered tablet to google how to survive on a deserted island 🙂(my island obviously has Wi-Fi).

Nahuel’s peaceful and serene home office

Do you have advice for anyone getting ready to work from home full time?
Read about how other people approach a fully remote job, take notes and prepare your own plan following your instinct, but most importantly, be prepared to change it a lot. What works for others might not work for you at all, or it might work halfway, only you will know what is best for you. Here are a few things that especially work for me:

  • Provide visibility on work/progress/process, so that anyone that works with you knows what to expect and when to expect it.
  • Communicate any deviations from the plan to all teammates who depend on that information to do their own jobs successfully. This helps to be predictable which is very important, and is especially critical to catch any unexpected delays on tasks/projects early on and plan accordingly.
  • Do one thing at a time whenever possible. Only multitask heavily if necessary, and only for as long as necessary. Switching tasks constantly is a huge productivity killer and makes it easier to burn out. However, sometimes it is needed, so it’s a nice skill to have, but not to abuse it.
  • Be easily reachable and responsive. When working remotely, quick replies provide peace of mind that the message already arrived and is in your care. If you get an email about something you have to do tomorrow, don’t wait until tomorrow to reply; reply as soon as you can, even if it is just to acknowledge that you got the message.

Thanks to Nahuel for taking the time to share! If a developer role sounds like the job for you, check out our open positions and learn more about working for Gears. We look forward to introducing you to more of the team through the “Life at Gears” series!

Jaclyn Sergeant

Jaclyn is the Senior Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Gears and has been with the company since 2011. She has a background in marketing operations, horrible taste in music, a love of cooking and a passion for enjoying a good pinot with friends.

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