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High Velocity Sales Webinar – Q&A

Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for last week’s webinar, Introduction to High Velocity Sales. We received a lot of really great questions during the session and we wanted to recap all the questions in a blog post. If you missed the session, be sure to check out the recording!

Is High Velocity Sales only for Leads? How can I add a person to a cadence from a contact page?
HVS supports Leads, Contacts, and Person Accounts. To add a Contact to a Sales Cadence, you need to add the button to your contact page layout first, and then you can add Contacts as you would Leads.

Can you automate when Leads are added to a cadence, or is this all manual?
You can definitely add them manually by navigating to a record individually or from List Views. However, Salesforce recommends using Flows to add records to a Sales Cadence and automate this process. A great use case would be to look for certain characteristics or a record being updated with key criteria, and then automatically add them to a specific cadence.

Is there a limit to how many Leads can be active in cadences?
There are some limits that have been introduced in the Winter release, and that is 150,000 active records per org. If you’re hitting that limit, then you are likely an advanced user of High Velocity Sales – congrats!

Can you schedule an email to send automatically at a certain time of day? For example, can you configure the emails to be sent at 12:15?
Right now your only options are to set the number of hours since the last action; for example, ‘send email 3 hours after X.’ This is a really great question and I love it because it really takes the customer or prospect experience into perspective as you’re building out cadences that are going to be most effective. This would be a great feature, and I’d love to see it on the roadmap!

What insight do users or managers get into cadence and email template open / click rates?
You would use the Sales Cadence Performance Dashboard. This will show you KPIs on Lead Conversions, what tasks have been completed, and so on. You can also build your own custom dashboards with metrics around click rates, email opens, etc. as High Velocity Sales leverages standard Salesforce reports and dashboards. [If you missed the session, we demoed the Sales Cadence Performance Dashboard, so make sure to check it out in the recording!]

Is Einstein is automatically included with High Velocity Sales?
Both Einstein Lead Scoring and Inbox are included with High Velocity Sales. You don’t get the entire Einstein product, but you get a lot of really great features with High Velocity Sales.

Can end-users create their own cadences or is that centrally managed by admins or sales managers?
Much of the High Velocity Sales setup must be performed by a User with the ‘Customize Application’ and ‘Modify All Data Permissions,’ which is usually your System Administrator. However, there is a permission set you can assign to your Users so they can create their own cadences, ‘High Velocity Sales Cadence Creator’. You can add it to a permission set and give it to anyone! You can also extend sharing to your Sales Cadence Folders as needed to support your team’s needs. Make sure to consider the skills and experience level of your sales users as you’re extending these permissions.

It was so great to have an engaged audience and these questions were awesome. If you need any help getting started with High Velocity Sales, make sure to Contact Us to set up time to talk.

Jill is a 4x certified Solutions Architect, Experience Cloud Specialist, and Principal Client Director at GearsCRM. She is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals in new implementations and ongoing enhancements. Jill is knowledgeable in all the Salesforce clouds and loves finding the perfect solutions to fit her customers' internal processes, as well as meet the needs of their external audiences (Sites!). She has been working with Salesforce for 10+ years.

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  1. Thanks, Jill! I have been building sales cadences for leads, but I am trying to ascertain whether a linked cadence attached to a lead will follow it to the opportunity record when the lead gets converted. When I do tests, the cadence seems to disappear. It’s not on the opp record, the contact or the account.

    1. Hi Mel,

      Thanks for the question! Unfortunately, you are right, the cadence information does NOT follow through the lifecycle. Looks like a limitation right now.

      “When a lead converts, completed sales cadence tasks aren’t transferred to the Activity Timeline of the new contact, account, or opportunity.”

      Hopefully this shows up in a future release, I can definitely see the value in it!

  2. Jill, When I add contacts to Sales Cadence, I can see the cadence steps under Tasks as well. It goes in the contact’s activity timeline as well, which us great. However, cadence step types aren’t populated in the type field. If it is a call, when I open it as a task, type field is empty. I want to create a list view to see what my call list is today. Because some of my tasks come from Sales Cadence, some of them are created manually by me. I don’t want to look at two tabs to figure out what my to-do list is today.

    1. Hi Daphne,
      Thanks for reaching out! My research tells me this is yet another limitation. Looks like you aren’t the only one asking, but the Idea doesn’t have a ton of traction. I checked to see if we could hack it with PB but that is ALSO a limitation right now. Quite possible we could get at it with a trigger though. Not the best answer but like a lot of “new” Salesforce products, I assume we will see a lot of updates in upcoming releases.

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