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High Velocity Sales – Spring 21 Features

Spring 21
1. Salesforce Spring 21 Features – Lightning Sales Cloud, Einstein Sales Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud and Force
2. Salesforce Spring 21 Features – Service Cloud, Surveys and Service Cloud Einstein
3. High Velocity Sales – Spring 21 Features
4. Salesforce Service Cloud Voice – Spring 21 Features
5. Salesforce Field Service & Scheduler – Spring 21 Features
6. Salesforce Spring 21 Features – Pardot
7. Salesforce Spring 21 Features – Experience Cloud (Communities), CMS and Salesforce Anywhere

Hi all, it’s that time of the quarter again. Yes, that Salesforce specific season where you and your loved ones geek out over Salesforce Release Notes! As a follow up to our webinar on High Velocity Sales (if you missed it, don’t fret, grab yourself a drink, snuggle up by the fire, and tune in here), I wanted to cover some of the newest features that are coming out for High Velocity Sales (HVS) in Spring 21!

Prior to Spring 21, when you retired a Sales Cadence, you would lose all the data related to that cadence. With the whole point of HVS being data-driven, this could be painful if you wanted to keep a history of your cadences and their success. With the new release, you can retire a cadence, preventing your users from adding targets and still maintaining their past activity. Also, don’t worry (I know you were) – if a target is in the cadence when it retires, it can stay on that journey until it’s time to exit.

If you spend your nights dreaming about vacations or getting out of this desolate isolation, this feature probably isn’t for you. However, if you spend your nights tossing and turning, wondering if Salesforce will EVER let you relate Cadences to Opportunities, then stress no more! With Spring 21, not only can you relate cadences to person accounts, contacts, and leads, but you can also create a relationship to specific opportunities. Now you can build sales cadences for opportunity nurture, which requires a different approach than when you are chasing leads. Nurturing opportunities is a completely different animal, with distinct touchpoints and unique communication methods. This is a great update to Sales Cadences, and I can only imagine this functionality will expand further.

What Dreams Are Made Of: Visualize the engagement activity for each Opportunity Contact

Before Spring 21, your sales reps all had the ability to change the target assignee in any target assigned to them. So, if Joe SalesRep had a target, and they Joe was over his head in work (or YouTube videos) then he could assign it to his best friend… or depending on the lead score, his best FRENEMY. With the new release, Salesforce is letting you lock that down and allowing Sales Managers to determine which team members have the permission to change the assignee target. This is absolutely a necessary enhancement, giving Sales Management more control over target ownership and outcomes.

Also, more great news! Call coaching now supports video calls! Get the same insights and coachable moments for your video calls that you already get for phone calls, such as mentions of competitors, custom keywords, mentions of products, discussions around pricing, etc. From the video call record, Coaches can play recordings, see details, and jump around to different areas of the calls depending on that section’s content. One important note: right now this only works with Zoom calls.

Screenshot of video call coaching

Salesforce is giving you more juicy metrics! This time, it’s for Action Cadence Steps. Now sales managers can see month-to-month target engagement stats for things like email templates, call scrips, etc. This will help managers quickly identify things like seasonal trends!

Finally, for customers who have both High Velocity Sales and Service Cloud Voice (SCV), you can really boost the productivity of your sales reps by integrating the two features. Extend SCV features like click-to-dial records coming from a Sales Cadence, and automatically complete steps in your Sales Cadence and advance them to the next step in the Cadence – both features which make it easier for reps to follow up with their prospects! Harry covers the Spring 21 updates to Service Cloud Voice in next week’s post (we’ll add the link once it’s live!).

So, there you have it. All the Spring 21 goodies for High Velocity Sales. Of course, If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly!

Jill is a 4x certified Solutions Architect, Experience Cloud Specialist, and Principal Client Director at GearsCRM. She is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals in new implementations and ongoing enhancements. Jill is knowledgeable in all the Salesforce clouds and loves finding the perfect solutions to fit her customers' internal processes, as well as meet the needs of their external audiences (Sites!). She has been working with Salesforce for 10+ years.

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