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Gears is Turning 10 & We’re Ranking The Top 10 Salesforce Mascots

In June we will celebrate our 10-year anniversary, which is a big milestone for the company and something we’re very excited about. To celebrate our 10th year in business, we’re going to feature some top 10 lists throughout the year.

First up is our my definitive ranking of the Top 10 Salesforce mascots. These rankings are based solely on my personal preferences and are not supported by statistics in any way. Please note that in narrowing it down to ten, I am leaving out some mascots and hopefully I haven’t left your personal favorite off the list!

Don’t they look like they have so much fun?

10. Earnie
Oh, Earnie. If I’m being honest, I didn’t even know Earnie was an official mascot until I began to put this post together. But Earnie, full name Earnestina, never stops learning and she wants to ‘earn’ all the Trailhead badges. And if there’s one trait that all of us Gears employees have in common, it’s that we are a bunch of geeks who love to learn new things. Plus, who doesn’t love a good pun?!



 9. Koa
Koa was another mascot that I wasn’t very familiar with, but Gears has a soft spot for pets. (Although there’s a spirited cats vs. dogs debate…) Many of us work from home and are lucky to be able to call our pets our “coworkers,” and we have a Chatter group dedicated to Gears Pets so we can all share photos and stories.PS – if you’re interested in working from home with your pets as office mates, Gears is hiring!



8. Cloudy
Cloudy represents Admins. With so many of us at Gears (myself included!) beginning our Salesforce careers as Admins, and with many of our clients being talented admins as well, I had to include Cloudy in the top 10. We love admins so much that we actually built some apps to make their lives easier! Plus, Cloudy really rocks that Trailblazer hoodie!





7. Codey
According to Salesforce, you can build anything with the Salesforce platform with Codey as your guide. At Gears, we have been able to work on so many non-traditional projects built with Salesforce that we 100% agree with this statement.







6. Max
When I was first informed that there was an actual mule mascot last fall, I thought I was being punked. But, as official MuleSoft partners, we love Mulesoft Max and we hope he gets more visibility. It was actually surprisingly hard to get a standalone image of Max, but I think it’s actually fitting to include an image of him integrating with his mascot friends. (see what I did there?!)



5. Hootie
OK, so here’s the thing – I adore owls. To the point that people bring me “owl things” as gifts. Salt & pepper shakers, light switch plates, bottle openers, dish towels, soap dispensers, chapstick shaped like owls… I have it all.

Plus, Hootie’s full name is actually Hootie McOwlface the Owl, and how can you not love that name!?



4. Appy
Appy is a classic, and one of the first mascots I took note of. She represents Salesforce Partners, and since Gears is a multi-cloud Gold Partner, Appy belongs high up in our rankings.




3. Einstein
I already mentioned that we’re a team of geeks. We’ve been known to get up at 6am to read Release Notes and build out masterful dev orgs to check out new features. We provide the full spectrum of Einstein Services.

Plus, I really feel that Einstein is our spirit animal/mascot because at Gears we love nothing more than solving tough problems.




2. Astro
Astro has a big birthday this year, too when they turn 5. (Fun fact: Astro’s gender is non-binary, and their pronouns are they & them) As the first of this generation of trailblazing mascots and the official guide to Salesforce, Astro holds a special place in our hearts.





1. Sassy.
The OG

Sassy was the original Salesforce mascot that started it all. Before Chatty and Astro & friends, Sassy represented ‘No Software’ at events and onstage. I was totally a Sassy fan-girl trying to get a high five from Sassy at my first Dreamforce.

We’ve often dreamed about having a life-sized Gears mascot that would get to share a stage with Sassy someday. Maybe that’s a goal we’ll set for our 20 year anniversary!


Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

Jaclyn Sergeant

Jaclyn is the Senior Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at Gears and has been with the company since 2011. She has a background in marketing operations, horrible taste in music, a love of cooking and a passion for enjoying a good pinot with friends.

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