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From Initial Launch to Ongoing Management – Develop a PRM Roadmap

Are you struggling to get traction in your partner channel? Have you implemented a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) system that’s not quite getting the job done? We find many of our customers roll out a PRM with the goal of allowing their partners to view or work leads and opportunities in some kind of “portal”.

However, a PRM can be SO MUCH MORE than that! There are many creative and engaging ways to connect with your Partners, and with Lightning Communities it has never been easier to connect teams, share ideas and maximize your Salesforce resources. A robust PRM system can help onboard your partners, offer support, assist with training, provide sales and marketing content, and allow your partners to collaborate with you and other partners in your ecosystem.

Partner Ecosystem

Keeping this in mind when implementing your PRM system, this implementation can, and SHOULD, be a journey! Introducing new functionality to keep your partner community fresh will give your members reasons to find value and come back. Before launching, take a step back and think about your long-term vision for your Partner Community. What is your overall strategy? What should be on your short term roadmap, but also what else can you offer to your partners to keep them fully engaged, and self-sufficient?

Partner Onboarding – The faster you can get your partners onboarded into your channel processes and set expectations, the better! Failing to onboard a new partner can lead to poor performance, loss of time, disengagement, and distrust in the process overall. There are great apps out there that can package up your onboarding process right in Salesforce and get your partners what they need to ramp up quickly and hit the ground running!

Training & Certifications – How are you offering ongoing training to your partners today; or are you even offering it at all? Product training, sales training, tips and tricks are all integral to keeping your partner channel up to date on the latest changes and educated on your organization as a whole. Do you have an LMS system? Do you have an existing partner training process? Integrate into Salesforce Partner Communities to allow your partner users to access self-service training and to see their individual training tracks.

Reporting & Analytics – Partners want to know how they are doing! What is their performance for the year? What items do they have outstanding? What is the balance of their MDF funds? How much have they been paid out in incentives? Keeping your partners informed is imperative to driving them back to the community over and over.

Manage Content – Content is integral to driving your partners to the community! Offering sales and marketing collateral, co-branded documentation, price sheets, etc. gives your partners what they need to be an ambassador for your products and your brand as a whole!

Long story short, as you can see, the more you are offering your partners through a robust PRM system, you not only reduce your financial overhead, and help to drive channel revenue, but you strengthen the relationships you have with your partners and you strengthen your brand! What does your partner community roadmap look like? Contact us today to see how Gears can help!

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Jill Penfield

Jill Penfield

Jill is a 4x certified Solutions Architect & Community Specialist at GearsCRM. She is passionate about helping customers achieve their goals in new implementations and ongoing enhancements. Jill is knowledgeable in all the Salesforce clouds and loves finding the perfect solutions to fit her customers' internal processes, as well as meet the needs of their external audiences (Communities!). She has been working with Salesforce for 10+ years.

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