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Communities and Flow

Are you using Flows in your Community?  There have been so many fantastic Salesforce Releases for Community Cloud, you may have overlooked some of the functionality you can now leverage out-of-the-box in your Community.  Let’s get started with the basics: why Flow?

Why Flow

Flows are awesome for collecting information from a User in a different interface than the way you manually go about creating records in Salesforce.  Guided screens can ask customized questions to an External User in your Community, such as a Partner submitting a Lead or a Customer opening a Case. We don’t always want to expose the field labels Salesforce uses for the internal system to our Community Users.  Sometimes internal fields don’t always make sense to External Users, we may need to take a different approach to solicit the right information. Flows can handle these problems quickly and efficiently. Common uses for Flow screens in Communities include:

  • Request a Call from Support
  • Guided Lead Registration
  • Surveys
  • Terms & Conditions Approval
  • GDPR Consent
  • Community Management, Create Community Users and process complex actions

Getting Started

All you need to do is create an Autolaunched Flow with Flow Designer, define the criteria and questions you collect from the User, and add the logic to create the right records in Salesforce and voila! Using a Flow component on your Lightning Community allows you to easily drop in a Flow and display it to your Community Users. Flows can even be run by unauthenticated (guest) visitors to your Community, as long as the page is defined as public!

Flow Example – Community User Management with Automated Group Manager App by Gears Design

The screenshot above represents a bit of an advanced Flow, but we used our Automated Group Manager app, which makes it easy to set up Flows that automatically add Users to Public Groups using Process Builder.

Extra Credit: Einstein Next Best Action

Once you’re comfortable with Flows, you can start looking into advanced functionality. Einstein Next Best Action utilizes a new feature with the Strategy Builder that allows you to surface intelligently placed Flows into your Community Pages.  The Strategy Builder lets you define custom criteria for when a Flow process might be beneficial to an end-user.  Best of all, adding this to your Community strategy can be done with clicks – not code! Awesome examples of using Flow and Next Best Action might include:

  • Prompting a User to create a Case when they search your Community for specific keywords. You can also recommend the Users guided step paths based on data you’re seeing.
  • If the User has input certain keywords indicating they may need a Service Appointment scheduled, you can now prompt the User with the option to begin requesting a Service Appointment.
  • You can approve a process that automates your Service Cloud workflows internally.

This is certainly an improvement and exciting feature with lots of unique ways it can be leveraged. We’d love for you to comment below on how your company might best utilize a flow solution.  

If you’d like to meet with one of our Community Cloud experts and brainstorm the endless possibilities of Flow, Einstein Next Best Action in your Community, Contact Us and request a call!

Taylor Grimes

Taylor is a 6x certified Salesforce Consultant & Community Specialist at GearsCRM. She teaches Salesforce-driven companies and their digital experience teams how to implement stunning Lightning Communities for customers, partners, and service centers to better engage their audience, enhance their brand and extend their Salesforce investment.

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