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Salesforce Spring 15 Is Coming

Salesforce Spring 15 New Features – Part 3

It's 15 degrees in Boston right now and I'm sick of winter already. At least Spring 15 is coming around the corner - and hopefully the real spring behind it. This is the final part of a three part write-up and is focused on the Collaboration features for Spring 15.…

All About Chatter Webinar

On March 27th 2013, we hosted our third Lunch & Learn to discuss all aspects of Chatter. We covered a lot of topics including: A Chatter Overview and how it works within salesforce Best Practices to implement Chatter Ways to extend Chatter We had a great turn-out and for those…

Salesforce Chatter Lunch & Learn on 3/27/13

In the two years since Chatter was launched it has become a critical collaboration tool within organizations. Whether your company has been using Chatter from the beginning or is planning to roll it out in the future, or just simply want to understand what Chatter can do for your company,…’s Spring 13 Release Features

Just in time for Christmas, the Spring 13 release notes are out. After 3 or 4 pretty jam packed releases, it looks like salesforce is taking a little bit of a breather for this one. While not a ton in here, there's still some good stuff. In addition, a lot…

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