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Protects Customers’ PII and Your Compliance Status

You run an e-commerce operation, so you’re no stranger to information security and data privacy requirements. You’ve taken all the right steps, including security measures, best practices and training, and you follow regulatory mandates like PCI DSS to the letter.

Yet despite your efforts, all it takes is one or two customers acting rashly to knock your compliance program off the rails.

Here’s a good example. An impatient customer wants a speedier refund. To help it along, they decide it’s a good idea to email their credit card data to your customer

support center. There the incoming email is automatically stored in your Salesforce instance.

In the time it takes your customer to hit ‘Send’, you’ve got their personally identifiable information (PII) stored insecurely in your environment, visible to anyone with access. That exposes your company to compliance risks, audit problems, potential fines and other damaging regulatory actions.

GearsDataMask – A Smart, Effective Solution for PII Protection

For e-commerce companies and other organizations that regularly handle customers’ PII, GearsDataMask eliminates these risks. It achieves this by recognizing and automatically masking PII within incoming data, as well as enabling the audit and remediation of sensitive data in your existing Salesforce records. The solution covers debit and credit cards from all the major issuers, and other types of sensitive data such as Social Security numbers.

GearsDataMask works by scanning Cases and related objects (Emails, Transcripts, Case Feed and Case Comments) looking for data patterns in records that match common PII formats – you can even create and define your own custom patterns. When it finds a match, GearsDataMask automatically obfuscates the data, replacing the PII with X’s so that they are unreadable – and therefore, protected.

GearsDataMask offers the flexibility to satisfy a broad range of business requirements. The tool supports custom mask logic, such as leaving the trailing 4 characters of a credit card or social security number exposed. Administrators can even change the mask character as needed, either universally across the org, or by choosing a different character for each PII pattern.

Based on and built for use with Salesforce Service Cloud©, GearsDataMask is an easy install from the AppExchange.

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