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BREeze: The Salesforce Admin's Secret Weapon

You’re the admin, so with all things Salesforce, everybody looks to you to get it done.

The trouble is, “it” often goes well beyond Salesforce’s standard features or your instance’s boundaries. Doesn’t matter. You’re still on the hook to deliver.

The BREeze platform is your answer. It’s a multi-tool resource that’s 100% focused on the Salesforce platform.

With BREeze, you can extend Salesforce’s standard capabilities using simple but powerful ways to develop rules sets that automate the population of data across all objects and fields.

Removing Barriers, Opening Up Possibilities

When we launched BREeze, our intent was to give customers easy ways to extend and customize their Salesforce deployments to meet their organizations’ unique needs. And we succeeded.

We focused on customers’ most pressing Salesforce needs and built functionality to meet them. While we continue to add new use cases all the time, here are few we’ve already delivered that are making our customers’ lives much easier.

Need to make your Salesforce instance stand on its head or do backflips? With BREeze, it’s easy for you to get it done.

Common uses for BREeze

Breeze lets you assign any record in Salesforce at any time with your own logic. Easily build custom rules sets to support complex processes – without help from developers.

Ideal for organizations with Communities, this BREeze feature gives you an automated way to add users to Public and Chatter groups, and allows you to manage the creation of new groups.

With flexible customization, this BREeze capability makes it easy for teams to gain all the advantages offered by Salesforce’s Topics functionality – without writing code.

If you’ve outgrown Process Builder, BREeze lets you consolidate multiple workflows into a single rules set that’s simple to manage – and doesn’t eat into your workflow rule allocation.

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