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Some Salesforce Spring 12 Features Identified

The Spring 12 pre-release of salesforce is officially out and it offers a peak at some of the new features coming out. One word of note is that the release notes are still not out (if they are, I can’t find them), so in theory none of this is official. But, if it’s in the pre-release, there’s a very good chance it’ll make it in.

In no particular order, here are the new features I’ve seen:

  • Social Accounts – Social Contacts was launched in Winter ’12, and now Social Accounts are out. If you’re on the B2B side, this is probably a lot more useful as you can track the official company’s Twitter or Facebook feeds. Support for YouTube and Klout were also added.
  • Cross Object Workflow – This has been a requested feature probably since the day after workflow was released. (I feel old in that I remember that day) You can create a Field Update that impacts a field on a related object. In the screenshot below, I’m changing the Account Type to Customer based on a workflow on the Opportunity. This will reduce a lot of annoying triggers.

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