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Manufacturing is a diverse industry with wide-ranging customer service needs dependent on the type of manufacturer you are.  In today’s competitive environment, manufacturers need to provide first class customer service – at a time when many are rapidly outgrowing their legacy systems.

Offering a broad range of features, Service Cloud is also flexible enough to be configured to meet the diverse customer support needs of the manufacturing industry.  In our Service Cloud in Manufacturing webinar, we gave a live demonstration of key functionality including:

  • How Service Cloud can provide Order Insights to Customers
    • Automating Order Status Inquiries
    • Capturing and Resolving Order Issues
    • Communicating changes to Orders
  • Case management to support mission critical equipment
    • Tracking SLAs on issues and escalations as needed
    • Remote diagnostics of issues leveraging PinPoint powered by SOS
  • Enhancing Service Orders for Service Contracts and Parts
  • Achieving a 360 degree view of your customer, including how Sales can benefit from Service Cloud features

Since we were unable to conclude this webinar with a Q&A session, we’re compiling your questions and we’ll be sharing a blog post with answers soon. Please contact us with your questions, or to learn how Service Cloud can help support the needs of your clients.

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