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Salesforce Summer 17 Features – CPQ

Hope everyone is having a terrific summer. We are adding a bonus updates to our Summer 17 blog series (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Communities updates) as Salesforce CPQ Summer 17 was just recently made generally available. This is a big release with some cool new features. This release incorporates features from Spring 17, which until now, was only available in a beta version. As of this release (28.0), CPQ package versions will mirror Salesforce CRM’s versioning structure.

Let’s dig into some of the top features of this new release.

  • Quote Line Editor – Summer ’17 brings a bunch of additional features to the line editor.

    • Quote Line Editor Drawers – I’ve been waiting for this one! A great way to organize the line editor layout. When working with a large number of fields in the editor, you can now organize by placing some fields in a collapsible drawer below each line item. Great for eliminating horizontal scrolling and allowing the user to see all fields in a single view. You can have any number of drawers open or closed at the same time and edit fields in the drawers as needed.

      CPQ Quote Line Editor

    • Product Keyword Search – Save some keystrokes with this one. This new feature provides a quick way to search through the product catalog without having to click the filter icon. The search box is available as soon as you enter the product selection page and includes type ahead functionality. Prior to this feature, a user needed to click the filter icon and then enter values in the Product filter fields with no type ahead functionality. Note: The filter icon is still available and is beneficial for more granular filtering (ie by Product Family, etc).

      CPQ Product Keyword Search

    • Themes – Switch up the standard theme colors and customize the line editor for your organization. Match your corporate colors or create different color themes by user type. (ie Partner users have different color scheme than internal users). All color changes are made within the Theme Editor and use Color Picker functionality.
    • Large Quote Experience – A nice solution for orgs that have quotes with a lot of line items. My test quote had 400 lines and when turning on Large Quote Experience, it was easy to navigate. No more navigating through multiple pages as the infinite scrolling feature allows you to scroll through all items on the same page. Additionally, column table headers and totals and sub-totals footer are locked in place, so you don’t lose your point of reference. The expand page icon allows you to display the line editor across the entire window. Additionally, if you are using groups within the line editor, large quote experience will display one group at a time in the main display. Users will love these improvements!

      Large Quote Experience – Fixed Totals

      Large Quote Experience – Infinite Page Scrolling

      Large Quote Experience – Group View

    • Clone to Groups – Save some time with Clone to Groups. Very useful when multiple products need to be cloned across groups. You can choose to clone one or more products from one group to another. For example, you can clone 20 products into multiple groups in a quote with just a few clicks rather than cloning a group and re-configuring each individual product.
  • Order Splitting – You can now split one order into multiple orders. Using the new “Order By” option, you can choose a field to split the order. I used Product Family and it split my order by Hardware, Software and Accessories. Great for orgs that have different order process requirements based on product. Prior to this, users would need to create multiple quotes by selecting the products that should be included on each quote. type.
  • Contracting for Advanced Order Management – Choose to create one or multiple contracts regardless of start and end dates. By default, CPQ groups all subscription products with the same end date into one contract and creates separate contracts for each subscription product with a different end date. Now users can choose to place all products into a single contract regardless of end date.
  • Lightning Communities – It’s here! CPQ is now available Lightning Communities. Organizations can now extend CPQ functionality to customers and partners by allowing self-service when they need to add products or licensing to an existing contract or simply want to generate their own quote. When enabled, all the logic embedded into your CPQ application extends to the Community as well. This means all configuration logic, pricing scenarios, volume or term discount schedules, contracted pricing and more are available to your partners and customers. Partner Central (the new Partner Community template in release in Summer 17) has also been enhanced with the new theming engine which allows for different types of Field Sets to be used. There are also new options to prevent creating new quotes from an amendment or add on. Please note, with this release, the Lightning CPQ panel is no longer required in Lightning Communities.

    CPQ in Lightning Communities

  • Ignore Leap Year Days – You now have the ability to ignore leap year days for subscription pro-rate precision.
  • Remove Template Header/Footer – Want your document to start with a title page that doesn’t include a header or footer? You can now do that with the hide headers and footers feature. You can hide from first, last, or first and last pages of your quote template.
  • Document Output Size – The Generate Document page now includes a feature to select output size. You now have four options:
    • Default – Page size according to the template’s page width and height
    • Letter: 8.5” wide by 11” long
    • Legal: 8.5” wide by 14” long
    • A4: 8.27” wide by 11.69” long

Please note, these Salesforce CPQ new features are not automatically turned on unlike the most of Summer 17. To begin using these features, you must install the CPQ Summer 17 package. To do so, visit the CPQ Package Installation page and select Salesforce CPQ Summer ’17 under the Salesforce CPQ section. It is recommended that you first install any new release in a sandbox and thoroughly test before installing in production. This is especially important if you are jumping multiple versions. If you would like assistance with the upgrade process or have any questions specific to CPQ, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help.

Hope you enjoy all the new capabilities!

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