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Salesforce Reveals some new Summer 10 Features

Today, Salesforce revealed a sub-set of the new features we can look forward to in the Summer 10 release. Most of these are smaller features, the larger ones will probably be revealed as the release gets a little closer. Even with these being smaller features, there’s some good ones in here that jumped out at me.

  •  Dashboards can be run as the running user – A small feature, but a big help. As a lot of admins know, if you’re trying to roll out personal dashboards, you need to create a dashboard for each user with how it’s setup today. With this, all you need is the one dashboard, set to the running user. A big time saver.
  • Editable Quote formats for the quote function – Salesforce rolled out quoting in Spring 10, but now we can edit the quote outputs. A natural next step that will allow even more customers to take advantage of quoting.
  • Grand Totals in Dashboard components – Again, small, but very helpful. No more clicking down to the report just to see the total

Looking forward to seeing more of the features as salesforce gets closer to the release, but a good start so far.

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