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Top Reasons Sales Cloud Users Need to Switch to Lightning Experience – Webinar & Update

As we discussed in our recent blog “6 Reasons Sales Cloud Users Need to Switch to Lightning Experience“, we recently did a webinar to demonstrate all of those Lightning only features. Here are the topics we covered in the webinar:

  • Customizable Homepages
  • Customizable Page Layouts
  • Lead and Opportunity Management
  • Activity Management
  • Chatter Updates
  • Reporting
  • A Look at the Lightning App Builder
  • Q&A

Webinar Recording

Questions & Answers

  • Is the Lightning version the only version offered to new customers? – No. New customers can still turn on Classic and use that. However, for all of our new Sales Cloud customers, we are strongly recommending using Lightning and not starting with Classic.
  • Does the Auto Summary work for totals other than the Amount? – I believe you’re asking about the auto-summary on the Kanban view. If so, this can’t be modified as of now, however on other objects, it will ask you what you want to use to summarize for the Kanban view.
  • Does the Drop Down Chart Apply to things besides Opportunities? – The charts work on any object when looking at the List Views. One thing is it doesn’t work on the “Recently Viewed” default view, so you need to jump into a real list view. For standard objects, charts are pre-built to select from. For Custom Objects, you will need to create a chart.
  • Can you sort the Opportunity Products on the related list? – On the related list itself, you still can’t sort the Opportunity Product lines. However, in the Opportunity Products selector in Lightning, you can now sort by any column which is great.
  • We’re migrating to Lightning and I cannot find the Calendar. How do you enable this? – There’s no admin settings for Calendar, because there’s nothing you can really change on it from an admin side. You need to go to the App Manager and on the Apps for your user, add in the Calendar tab. You can only do this if you upgrade the App to a Lightning app though.
  • Can Calendars be shared? – Unfortunately, not at this time. Really hoping this is a feature that is coming as that would make this a killer function.
  • Does the URL still work as a link or does it behave like the Service Console URLs? – Great question. The record links are different than Classic, but they are unique and act as a record URL. So you can copy and paste the link and send to someone and they will go right to that record.
  • Will Standard / Custom Object Calendar Entries sync to Outlook when you do a Calendar sync? – The Events in Lightning behave the same way as in Classic and can be synced. If you create a Calendar from records within Salesforce, those are not Events and will not sync.
  • Will all of the Lightning Components work in Salesforce1? – The answer here is mostly yes. You still need to take into account the real estate of the device and make sure it’s mobile friendly – so if you build a Lightning component that takes up the whole screen and don’t make it responsive, that would be an issues. Beyond that, yes. You still need to add it to the Salesforce1 config though.
  • What do we need to do to allow Visualforce pages to work in Lightning? – There are a few options here, and Salesforce has a good FAQ on this topic. In addition, they’ve created a trailhead covering this.

In addition to the Q&A I did have a correction I needed to make. During the webinar I mentioned that Lightning doesn’t support Collaborative Forecasting. With Spring 17 this is actually now supported, but some features of it are still not. For more information, check out the release notes on this feature.

I hope this was useful and look for more webinars in the near future. As always, please reach out if you have questions or want to learn more on how to take advantage of Lightning.

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