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Block Sensitive Data or Patterns in salesforce

BREezeWith the Winter 16 release, salesforce released a feature that allows admins to block certain patterns from being captured by Live Agent chats. This was really the first time salesforce had released a feature to address what happens if you accidentally capture sensitive information from your customers. The fact is that your customer’s are not always particularity smart about keeping their personal data – such as social security numbers of even credit card numbers safe and very easily can make this your problem by sending this information to you by email, chat or web. Potentially even worse, your customer facing agents may accidentally capture this information within a Lead or a Case when the customer gives it to them over the phone. Either way, if that data is captured in your salesforce in an non-encrypted field, you are responsible for it.

Prior to BREeze 3.0, we had built custom apex triggers to recognize patterns and automatically obfuscate those patterns when they were detected similar to how the Winter 16 feature handles live chats. Now, with BREeze’s ability to evaluate every rule in a rule set, we have moved this to a BREeze function instead of having to build a trigger for each pattern. Now, with a rule set you can maintain without code, you can look for any pattern on any field on any object and when that pattern is identified you can determine how it should be handled. Want to look for a pattern like ###-##-#### and then turn each number into an asterisk? You can add that as a rule. We’ve even included all of the major US credit card patterns automatically, so instead of having to plugin all of the credit card patterns, you can just call our custom function and it’ll look for all major US credit card formats.

Overall, this allows you to seek out and remove any sensitive data that has a pattern on any object. All you will need is BREeze and our Pattern Recognition BREeze extension. The BREeze version will depend on how many objects you are looking to manage. For more information, please see our BREeze product page, or send us a Contact Us.

BREeze. Any Field. Any Object. Anytime.

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