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Empower your Agents

Are you a heavy equipment manufacturer or develop a product that requires complex technical support involving a Field Service team? If so, PinPoint powered by SOS might be for you. PinPoint leverages Salesforce’s SOS product to provide your call center agent’s with the capability to see what your customer’s issue is. Instead of having your call center agents struggle to diagnose or even identify issues over a phone conversation, give them a 2-way camera with your customer to allow them to actually see the equipment and issue. Learn more about PinPoint and how it can help you reduce average call times and field service dispatches while increasing your customer satisfaction scores.

Functionality Includes:
  • Mobile application to enable SOS available for iOS and Android platforms
  • SOS product includes the ability to have a two-way conference with your customer, including the ability to view your customer’s environment leveraging the 2-way camera on their iOS or Android smartphone.
  • Mobile applications can be fully branded to match your corporate branding and any distinct branding for the application
  • Full integration with Salesforce Service Cloud including
    • SOS 2-way camera view appears within the Service Console
    • Leverages Salesforce Omni-Channel for agent routing and availability
    • Automatic linking of an SOS interaction record against the Case
    • Ability to record the video session in S3 and link to the recording in Service Cloud

Please note, Salesforce SOS licenses must be purchased separately.

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